The 3D Game Is Up

The 3D Game is up. That was the message I just heard from Jim Self, of Mastering Alchemy. He said it’s almost over, or it’s ending.

I remember when I first realized that life was a game. I was in my early twenties. I had very quickly and very suddenly experienced a breakthrough in terms of seeing that I had power I didn’t know that I had. It had to do with getting a certain job and being respected as a person in ways that I had not felt respected by friends and family. This had a profound effect on how I began to deal with life situations. I had never before felt that I was in charge of pulling the strings, of making things go the way I wanted them to go.

It was like I was suddenly propelled outside of my life situations, looking at myself as an observer for the first time. And it was because of this new ability that I found myself seeing what a game it all was. Because I was seeing that I could make things go my way. Before this, I had tended to feel that I was at effect of things that happened. I was reacting to what other people did or said or wanted. But now I was at cause. So I saw it as a game.

Then I told this to a friend one night. I said, “Life is just a game,” and my friend got furious at me. He said, “Someone I know killed himself last week. Life is not a game. Don’t ever say that.”  So I shut up about it. And as it turned out, something appalling happened to me not long afterwards, and I was laid low for months, and life never quite seemed like a game again.

Until now. Now, I’m ready to see the game again. I think we have to feel in a certain position to see life as a game. We have to be experiencing a certain lightness, a certain amount of control. Before this, I was able to believe in the concept of life-as-a-game. I’m a member of the Gold Ring Game of Enlightenment and Abundance, after all. But it’s different believing in the concept and actually living it out. You have to be relatively unattached to believe and really see that 3D is just a Game.

I’ll never forget the Gold Ring member who left because he said, “Life is not a game,” just like my friend said all those years ago. I understood where he was coming from. He was a very sincere person who saw all the pain and suffering in this world, and for him to think that this was a game seemed like the height of cruelty. So not only did I see that I had to be careful who I told this to, but I doubted it for myself.

It’s only been fairly recently that I see that I have to go way up for a bird’s eye view of 3D. I have to “Be in this world but not of it,” and look at the big picture. I have to be able to see life from the perspective of different dimensions of reality. It’s like having a certain kind of discipline, this type of vision. And I have to be unattached in order to have it. By unattached I mean I have to feel myself in the flow, not fighting against it or wishing things were any different than the way that they are. I have to totally and completely accept the way things are. I have to see myself as the creator of my own reality. And if something comes at me from left field, as it did over the weekend, completely taking me by surprise and throwing cold water over me, I have to look at my own participation in creating that reality that I found so unsettling and surprising. I have to ask myself what I did or did not do to cause it to happen. I have to keep seeing myself at cause instead of at effect.

And when I’m in the thick of it, taking things too much to heart, becoming attached, feeling my vibrations plummeting, then I have to stop and watch a movie. Something to take me out of myself. Hopefully I will have chosen a good movie, something inspiring and uplifting. But even if it just gets me back into my imagination then it’s done its job. Because in those few hours I have stopped thinking about myself. I have gone into someone else’s dream world, the director and writer and actors in the movie, and I have felt myself part of their lives. Books do this too. And so does music. We have to find what works for us and keep doing it. Whatever it takes for us to see that we are living in our imaginations, coming from our imaginations, creating our reality moment by moment.

If a negative experience crosses my path, I have to look at it and say, “Hmmm…. Why did this happen? What did I do to create this?” I have to look at it with detachment and not get swept into it. Then I have the choice how to react or not react. But however I react, whatever my feelings are, I have to see that I brought this to me. As soon as I see that, then I can send it away. What a great way to experience being a player!


About Nancy Wait

Nancy Wait is an artist a memoir writer, author of "The Nancy Who Drew, The Memoir That Solved A Mystery," and a former actress (stage, film and TV) in the UK under the name of Nancie Wait. She once hosted the blog talk radio shows "Art and Ascension" and "Inspirational Storytellers." Her current project is a second memoir, "The Nancy Who Drew the Way Home."
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2 Responses to The 3D Game Is Up

  1. Azra says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing your divine gifts with us all through your beautiful art and eloquent writing Nancy. There are indeed always gifts in all of our experiences as our soul creates opportunities to learn what it seeks along our journey back to the light of love.

    Love and eternal blessings,


  2. kreativesoul says:

    Definitely a message that I needed to hear, Nancy, especially as I sit here cruising the internet and reading as a way to get out of my own thoughts for at least a moment or two. Thank you for sharing it!



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