Willingness to Shift

From Local Time into the Timeless Zone

'Floating' by NW 1985

‘Willingness to Shift’ is the title of my blog talk radio show today, (LINK) and these are the paintings I have chosen to illustrate the Shift. They are all watercolors. The first one I did back in ’85. I remember the feeling of being ‘cut loose.’ Being free to float. Feeling myself unanchored, in a new space. An unbelievably rich new space!

The second and third paintings illustrate the sense of shifting from one plane to another, or shifting to different planes,

watercolor by NW 1989

spaces, states of mind. I was very intrigued by angles at the time, and what angle I was looking at a thing or judging a thing or perceiving a thing. I had the sense it was all about invisible yet very real angles of perception. I felt ‘out of time,’ out in space—a new kind of space.

Then, just as suddenly as these images appeared to me, they disappeared. Shortly afterwards I got pregnant by choice, and entered into Time again. The kind of time that all expectant mothers and new mothers enter into, counting days, weeks, and months. Then counting breaths, then counting and measuring baby’s progress.

watercolor by NW 1990

But a few years after baby popped out, I popped out again too, into the Timeless once again. Into the more Universal sense of Time and Space I had become used to as a painter. I spent the next dozen or so years trying to meld the two states, Local and Universal. It wasn’t easy being ‘here’ and not here. I tended to go off somewhere and get a bit lost at times.

I see now that I was going through the integration process, integrating the different energies within, in order to clear my passage.

Living the dichotomy of being ‘here’ and not here can be tricky. It takes practice. And most of all it takes a willingness to receive directions from one’s co-pilot, whoever that might be. The designated driver, as it were. Someone outside oneself, or a being within. Or it can shift between the two.

I’ll say it again. Gaging the layout of this new land can be tricky. There isn’t a map, or at least not the kind we are used to. I think we have to create our own. Through expression of where we are now, where we are now. Now. And then let the moment go….

About Nancy Wait

Nancy Wait is an artist a memoir writer, author of "The Nancy Who Drew, The Memoir That Solved A Mystery," and a former actress (stage, film and TV) in the UK under the name of Nancie Wait. She once hosted the blog talk radio shows "Art and Ascension" and "Inspirational Storytellers." Her current project is a second memoir, "The Nancy Who Drew the Way Home."
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8 Responses to Willingness to Shift

  1. Deana says:

    I love the 1990 watercolor. I love art.
    I can actually see a man, woman and child within a womb. The woman looks to be kneeling, the man is standing on her right the child is not yet born but u can see the rounding little bulge in the center of the woman as if opening like a flower.
    I love the flow of colors, quite serene. The woman is the center, the man is not as significant but stands beside her waiting. The strongest vibe is the darkest of purple in the center of the woman.
    There is Peace, strength and love in this brilliant piece of art.
    There is so much in this that I can’t say enough.
    Deana Meadows


    • Nancy Wait says:

      Wow, Deana – I’m amazed that you can see that. At the time of painting it, there were no plans afoot to have a baby. But I like your way of seeing it. I like thinking that subconsciously I knew. Subconsciously, I was surely already creating it, and it just wasn’t visible yet in the world. But it did come out in this watercolor, painted from my intuition. The intuition knows everything doesn’t it.
      Painting was how I got in touch with myself on a deeper level.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.
      I am very touched.
      Blessings to you ~~~~~


      • Deana says:

        Hi Nancy,
        It’s funny u should mention intuition!
        I had a reading for the first time today. It was so random for me to do this. My friend and I took her son to a guitar lesson and right next store there was a sign READINGS /SPIRITUAL STORE. So we went in and both had one. My first three cards were the third eye the root. and one I can’t remember? Well I. guess I have an intuition that brings back back back things to


      • Deana says:

        My phone messed up lol. Sorry it sounded like I was text stuttering.
        I guess we all have intuition but she felt mine was very sensitive?
        The whole experience was very interesting.
        I almost felt understood for the first time in my life. I gave her no information what so ever.
        Im going to an art class tomorrow.
        I have know idea what I will paint. Maybe my intuition will come out 🙂
        Deana Meadows.
        Ps. Thanks for inspiring me….


  2. Excellent as always. I think the trick is keep a foot in both worlds all the time!!! Now thats the ecstasy of perfect balance.


  3. daniela says:

    Heya, dear Nancy! I told you before that I like your art (although am not competent to judge it) but I had to leave this comment because “Floating” especially caught my attention today -a painting I’d love to have on my wall-the kind you never get tired of -so soothing and ethereal. tnx for sharing!


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