The Doorway Is You

oil on canvas by Nancy Wait 2008

When I went through a crisis back in the 70s, I surrendered and had a breakthrough that led to a spiritual awakening, that led to a doorway, that led to the inner world, that led to a voyage of discovery through writing and painting in order to know this inner world through the portal that was now open, that I was led to when I surrendered and had a breakthrough…

And ever since that vision of the doorway, I sought to cross the threshold so beautifully laid out before my eyes. And cross it I did.

I crossed it through my willingness to keep on going, to keep writing and painting my innermost feelings, bringing them to the surface and acknowledging them. I crossed it with my willingness to keep loving, no matter what. And letting go of results.

It sounds so simple. We’ve all heard it countless times. But I don’t think we know what it truly means until we actually do it ourselves.

As with everything else, there are levels of surrender. And practice makes perfect. But the greatest surrender has to be that willingness to just let go. Allowing something else to take over. The Higher Self. The Soul. And saying good-bye to all that we knew, all that we thought of as our “life.” It’s the only way to really have that life – by letting go of the need for it.

It is what living in the Now moment really means.

Channeler Gillain MacBeth-Louthan has this to say about the Doorway, the Trans-portal, in her current Newsletter at Quantum Awakening:

You stand at the sacred portal.  Upon this portal is placed a mirror. The key that unlocks the portal is your own reflection.  The key to unlock the reflection is self-love. In your mind’s eye, see this Trans-portal doorway and the mirrored effect of it.  As you look deep into your own reflection, how do you feel?  Is there joy that stands in front of you?  Is there remorse?  Is there distaste?  Is there love?

It is imperative that you do everything that you can to place yourself in a garment of self love, for it is the raft that will take you to a safe harbor. It is a solitary paddling that you embark upon in the misty morning horizon. As with Alice and the Looking Glass, do not be afraid of new dimensions of self and soul as you fall down the inter-dimensional rabbit hole. Look into the mirror that is void of reflection and see all the possibilities. 

 The next phase of momentum takes the form of a Fibonacci spiral moving toward the center nautilus of you.  At that point of inner centeredness you will create a bend in your future light.  At that position of bending, you will be offered an opportunity that comes only when you have initialized the codes of self-love.  Then and only then will you be allowed entrance into the center of the heart of light.  

Within you is a time safe trigger that is waiting on particular dates and number conjunctions to activate.  The doorway is you.  The entrance code is the energetic signature of your love for you. It is not a handprint.  It is not an eye-scan.  It is a heart-print that allows you entrance.  Not the imprint of your love for your neighbor, or your father-in-law, or a parent, but your love for you.  This is how you gain entrance into this doorway of time unseen.

Each of you has called upon a ‘Light’ that will give to you what you seek.  Until you come fully into all of your heart pieces, there will be no peace. You are diversified filaments of holy Light.  You are emancipated octaves of Creation that has expressed itself in all ways. There are no Karmic contracts unless you decide it is so. 

Everyone that you meet has the potential to be in your heart if you decide it is so.  Open up this doorway as you enter the subterranean chambers of the Ancient You.  The portals separate those who will and those who will not.  They separate those who choose to move forward and those who choose to be in stasis.  This choosing is not something decreed by the finger of God, it is something decreed by each individual.  Stop waiting on your lives.  They are here now.

About Nancy Wait

Nancy Wait is an artist a memoir writer, author of "The Nancy Who Drew, The Memoir That Solved A Mystery," and a former actress (stage, film and TV) in the UK under the name of Nancie Wait. She once hosted the blog talk radio shows "Art and Ascension" and "Inspirational Storytellers." Her current project is a second memoir, "The Nancy Who Drew the Way Home."
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