Painter’s Light

Painter’s Light, and Being In Alignment With The Light

"George" 1985 oil on canvas 46"x32" ©Nancy Wait

“George” 1985 oil on canvas 46″x32″ ©Nancy Wait

Everyone knows how light and painting go together. When we think “painting” we usually think “color.” There wouldn’t be any color without light. When I began to study color, the first thing I started paying attention to was its strength or weakness, the quality of its hue. It all depended upon which direction the light was coming from and from what distance.

This was a fascinating and pleasurable realm of study. What I would call an exquisite pursuit. But after I had mastered the basics, I found an even more pleasurable pursuit—that of painting from my imagination. Here I could make up my own rules. Though others might have opinions as to the merits of my work, the only concern I had was whether or not it worked for me. The pieces were beyond like or dislike. They came from a place within. They were an expression of an inner truth—often one that was unavailable to me any other way than through painting.

The picture above is the top portion of a canvas I did in 1985 when I wanted to paint someone but couldn’t get him to pose. It was the first portrait I ever did from my imagination. I realized afterwards that I captured how he felt to me, his inner being, his psyche. What the picture represented to me was a wounded soul.

But back to painting and light. Today I happened to glance up at the painting hanging on the wall when the light came through the blinds and settled on the canvas in this most interesting way. It would have been interesting under any circumstance, but it was particularly interesting today, in the aftermath of the verdict down in Florida. The Zimmerman case, which has caused extreme distress.

Today when I looked at the painting, I saw bars of light, like a musical score of color. I saw light seeping through the slats. Lines of light—perhaps the Light of Alignment? The top of the head was lit up. That had to be a good sign. I saw a kind of imprisonment, but I also saw hope. Because when there is Light, there is always Hope. The hope of resolution through grace.

Cover image, "Sacred Wound" by Nancy Wait

Cover image, “Sacred Wound” by Nancy Wait

Last March I put out what I called a mini e-book using this painting on the cover. The title was Sacred Wound. It’s only nineteen pages, on Amazon for 99 cents. Here is a quote:

Betrayal, whether by a loved one, a company, a president or a country, can propel us into a debilitating helplessness when we perceive events beyond our control. But we have a choice through the lens of our perception. We are not helpless; we are dancers in the shifting sands of this reality.

How then do we deal with the pain of betrayal? A trust broken. A broken life, a broken bond. A severing, a loss of love. Do we just lie down and die? Feel sad for the rest of our lives? How can you let it go when you feel so angry? Anger is neither a good feeling or a bad one; it is simply a feeling. And it moves us along. When we’re depressed we don’t move. We close up, sink into ourselves, don’t allow anything in. Sadness can keep us wallowing in negative emotions where nothing new happens. So the first step out of depression might be anger, because anger gets us moving. And once we get moving we might arrive at understanding, and compassion, which eventually allows for the possibility of forgiveness.

It can be a long road from anger to understanding, let alone compassion and forgiveness. But opening up our hearts is the only way to heal. The laws of man have their own logic, which we are free to think of as convoluted, unfair, ridiculous and mean. But there are higher laws than these man-made ones. There is a justice beyond reason.

As I was writing this post, the news came on (actually an email from CNN) that said Attorney General Eric Holder called for doing away with so-called “stand your ground” self-defense laws.   Ah. Well. This is good news for starters.

Meanwhile, I will continue to observe the play of light on this painting of mine from long ago which continues to inspire me. Apparently it wasn’t only the light within I sought to capture on canvas that mattered, but the light without, which continues to change, enlarging and altering my perception as it intensifies and grows stronger.

Blessings ~~


About Nancy Wait

Nancy Wait is an artist a memoir writer, author of "The Nancy Who Drew, The Memoir That Solved A Mystery," and a former actress (stage, film and TV) in the UK under the name of Nancie Wait. She once hosted the blog talk radio shows "Art and Ascension" and "Inspirational Storytellers." Her current project is a second memoir, "The Nancy Who Drew the Way Home."
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7 Responses to Painter’s Light

  1. Anora McGaha says:

    Nancy, I missed your publication of Sacred Wounds, so I just bought it and look forward to reading it. Am just uploading the photo to your essay, The Art Student on When Women Waken.


  2. ysaimara says:

    Hi dear Nancy, I tried to post a comment in your blog and I couldnt. Thank you for your inspiration and your love. Hugs from this part of the world. I love you Ysaimara


  3. I am sorry I have no means to read it all but the quote is wonderful. And of course, a great post over all. Many thanks.


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