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space starsOkay, so I had this incredible, out-of-this-world, mind-blowing experience that among other things told me I had to be a writer, and some years later when I finally had the courage to write about this earth-shattering experience (it only took me thirteen years), my advisor at grad school asked me if I had been psychotic!

What a come-down. Then I remembered how at the time, my neighbor from downstairs had asked me if I was on meds, meaning was I under the care of the psychiatric profession, the insinuation being that if not, then I should be. No! I said, wondering why she would think so. In actual fact, what I had gone through had been amazingly spiritual. And as such, had left me with the sense of having advanced in terms of consciousness, not retreated into some kind of la-la land. My head had never been more clear, my self-awareness and awareness of others never more great. But what I learned from the lesson at grad school was that I needed to improve my writing skills so that I would come across as completely sane.

Well, now I have improved my writing skills, I know that to many people I will still come across as having been off the wall. But at least with a full-length memoir instead of an isolated chapter handed in, there will be a lead up to the events. A cognizant account written by a grounded person with a back story. It will be this foundation of a back story that will give the account its validity.

The events of which I speak occurred back in the late 1980s when the general public was still marveling over the phenomenon of answering machines, VCR players and cable television. There were no chat rooms or message boards in which to find kindred spirits and share stories, let alone Blog Talk Radio where anytime, anywhere, you could jump into a conversation or listen to a topic being discussed that hit upon your mishegoss exactly. (Mishegoss—Yiddish for crazy or senseless activity or behavior; craziness.)

So far this lead-in/backstory is over three-hundred and fifty pages with still a ways to go before I get to the summer of 1987. And this is already Volume Two of my memoir, The Nancy Who Drew. But now there will be a rationale behind the events. The tale of a journey that led up to a certain time and place where a paranormal event would be the inevitable outcome. And now, instead of trepidation, I feel excited to share my story. And it’s not just because I no longer feel I’m the only one or part of a small minority. It’s because for the past year I have been listening to a show on Blog Talk Radio called Paranormal Matters.

PleiadesThe program is broadcast from Yorkshire, England, by members of a group called Rainbow Light Foundation. I’ve really come to appreciate that last word, Foundation. With Rainbow Light it means a ‘non-profit’, non-denominational organization, “dedicated to promoting greater understanding of the soul sciences; the links between body, mind and consciousness.” The other meaning for a foundation is, “an underlying basis or principle for something.”

It’s that underlying basis or foundation that is so important for the reader to have in order to find one’s story believable, no matter what the subject matter, but especially when delving into the unknown, borderline areas of perception. And especially now, when the walls between worlds are thinning. 

Listening regularly to the stories on Paranormal Matters (@Paranorm_Radio) has had a cumulative effect on me. Paranormal experiences are those “outside the range of normal experience or scientific explanation,” or outside “science’s current ability to explain or measure.” And this is exactly how the radio show defines itself, as Freeing the mind from the prison of human perception. I represent a case (which I’m sure is not uncommon) of a person whose mind has been freed, but has lacked a solid basis (foundation) on which to draw from. And without that, my poor little freed mind had a tendency at times to spin off into its own realm.

But there’s listening and there’s writing, and then there’s this thing called doing. Last spring I took the Foundation Level course at The Academy of Spiritual Sciences in their Quantum Light Programme, and earned a practitioner’s certificate in energy alignment. While it answered a lot of questions for me, it also created a whole lot more.

That, however, is by-the-by. The main reason I wanted to write this blog is because word has gotten out that we are multi-dimensional beings living in a world of vibrations. And alongside all the nastiness and the suffering, another world is opening up to us. We’ve known for a long time that the transition was going to be bumpy. And the importance of hanging out with those who uplift and add to our understanding. We are brave souls. And I for one, feel more brave the more I trust what I know and trust what I feel.

Brooklyn RainbowA trust that has grown and developed as I’ve listened to Paranormal Matters Radio. Which is why I’m the Admin for the Rainbow Light Forum, where you will find I am called Brooklyn Rainbow. Feel free to check it out and ask your questions.    


About Nancy Wait

Nancy Wait is an artist a memoir writer, author of "The Nancy Who Drew, The Memoir That Solved A Mystery," and a former actress (stage, film and TV) in the UK under the name of Nancie Wait. She once hosted the blog talk radio shows "Art and Ascension" and "Inspirational Storytellers." Her current project is a second memoir, "The Nancy Who Drew the Way Home."
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