To Look Within

Looking Within

I was not raised to look within but without. But without looking in, I was without.

I write my life to know my life. When I write my life, the inner truth comes out. It’s like when I draw, a barrier disappears. Or fades to the background. And suddenly I’m in touch with this other vibratory field. This other awareness that rises to the surface and makes itself known.

In writing class, whether they call it opening a vein or peeling an onion, it’s the same thing, accessing a different energy field.

Is it deeper? Is it higher? Or is it just a different frequency band…

In regular life we are usually too busy processing our surroundings, all the different sounds and sights coming at us at once. But when we stop and sit still, and focus on just one thing, one object, one thought, one memory, we forget where we are. We forget the time and the day. We forget our name. We forget where we are. I feel like I’m outside of myself, yet somehow I’m also deeper within…

The man who has no inner life is the slave of his surroundings. ~ Henri Frederic Amiel

About Nancy Wait

Nancy Wait is an artist a memoir writer, author of "The Nancy Who Drew, The Memoir That Solved A Mystery," and a former actress (stage, film and TV) in the UK under the name of Nancie Wait. She once hosted the blog talk radio shows "Art and Ascension" and "Inspirational Storytellers." Her current project is a second memoir, "The Nancy Who Drew the Way Home."
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