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Picking Up Good Vibrations with Michael Kowalski

September 20, 2011 LINK

Michael is a musician and trustee of Rainbow Light Foundation, an international teaching organization based in the North of England.  His music has been used in film as well as education DVDs and he has recently released two CDs.  Michael also works as a teacher for the Academy of Spiritual Sciences, delivering courses covering the application of music for healing. Read Michael’s Blog on The Power of Music, and Where Does Music Come From. Michael’s music on AMAZON and on iTUNES

Carol Lamb, Born Remembering

August 30, 2011 LINK

Carol Lamb is a writer, teacher and founder member of Rainbow Light Foundation, an international teaching organisation based in the North of England.  Born Remembering, is a story of premonition, predestination and synchronicity which reunited a soul group who would also begin to remember their own soul memories. For more Carol Lamb books please visit:

Jennifer Warters ~ August 9th 2011


Jennifer Warters, Principal of The Academy of Spiritual Sciences at Rainbow Light Foundation, has established a School of the Air to teach toning over the air waves. She has over 30 years experience in Speech, Drama and Counselling. Watch Jennifer’s You Tube ~ Healing With Sound Vibration ~ as she demonstrates.

Numbers By Rob August 23, 2011 LINK 

Let your numbers speak to you, and a whole new world of possibility can unfold. In the words of Rob Ragozzine:  I’ve been writing about, studying and working with Numerology for many years. I’ve written for various sites, including and my own:

R.Y.S.A. Day Tuesday, July 26th 2011 Link To Show

Guest readers include Lee and Steven Hager, authors of The Beginning of Fearlessness: Quantum Prodigal Son, a spiritual quest and scientific adventure based on Jesus parable of the prodigal son, quantum physics, and the gnostic gospels. To learn more about the synergy of science and spirituality and how it can lead you to fearlessness, visit their website and blog at

The Nancy Who Drew ~ July 12th Link to Show

The Nancy Who Drew is now available in paperback at Amazon.

I know I am not the only Nancy who drew. Or draws. Or paints. But surely I am the only Nancy who solved a mystery by her drawings and paintings. Here is my website for the book:

If you like memoirs or are writing your own, you might be interested in my other website called The Alchemy of Memoir.

The Spiritual Energy of Art ~Interview with Artist and Feng Shui Master Brian Brogan July 5, 2011  LINK TO SHOW

Feng Shui, Art, Qi Gong and a broader shamanic energy perspective:

Art is the mirror to other worlds, sometimes in image, sometimes in energy, sometimes both. If an artist is calling their work spiritual art or intuiting that it is spiritual art, a viewer who is energetically sensitive can sit looking at it for a while – going into it with the body register to see what happens.

Creative Transformations with Dr. Linda Gadbois

June 28, 2011 LINK To Show

Dr. Linda Gadbois is a professional Artist, Author, Educator, Counselor and Consultant, specializing in Transformative Education, Personal Training and Mentoring for the “Unlimited Potential of the Human Spirit” by developing the creative abilities of your mind to transform yourself to your highest potential using the power of your imagination. Visit her Youtube channel Her videos display her passion and energy for teaching.

Celebrating The Summer Solstice  June 21st 2011 LINK TO SHOW

With Louise Oliver and Rebecca Penkett of Rainbow Light Foundation – a healing and teaching organisation.  They trained in holistic therapies at this organisation and are now teachers for The Academy of Spiritual Sciences.

Louise Oliver is an artist and writer who founded Sapphire Light. Louise is writing a piece on sun, shadows and magical birds and will talk about storytelling with the harp.

Rebecca Penkett is a harpist who founded Harp Connections.  Their session will have a Celtic theme.  Rebecca will talk about the three strains of harp music within the Celtic Tradition.  She will play some short pieces to provide examples of the Gentraiges (Joy strain), Suantres (Sleep strain) and the Goltraiges (Pain/Sorrow strain).

Their session will close with a ten-minute Emerald Alignment Meditation, with a Midsummer theme.

R.Y.S.A. Day ~ Tuesday, June 14th 2011 LINK

“To be a person is to have a story to tell.” ~ Isak Dinesen

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.” ~ Muriel Rukeyser

“A story is a tree that grows in the soil of the heart.” Hasan Askari

Musa Askari ~ website: Spiritual Human

Read the text of Musa’s Story, Journey of Pearls

Louise Oliver ~ website:  Sapphire Light

Read the text of Lost and Found, the story Louise read aloud to us on the show at Sapphire Light Radio.

On June 7th 2011 LINK

with Chris Bourne the founder and overseer of the Openhand Foundation

May 31st 2011 ~ Hannah Thomas.


Hannah Thomas is the co-founder of Heart Rising (, a website dedicated to the evolution of the human heart.

Jeff Oster

 Tuesday, May 10, 2011 ~

Art and Ascension on GoldRing Radio

Please visit his website for free downloads:

As one of the few trumpet/flugelhorn artists working in ambient terrain, Jeff Oster draws from a rich background of classically trained, jazz tinged horn study, mixed with contemporary electronica and loop based electro-orchestral bed tracks.

 The SONG of Art and Ascension.

Blog Talk Radio ~ May 3rd, 2011 ~

How Oneness through duality, oneness through resolving the polarities, can happen through the process of creating art.

The song of Art and Ascension is none other than “Love and Marriage.” Why? Because we do art for Love, and if we stick with it long enough, or as long as it takes, we will find a union within, an inner union. A union of the masculine and feminine energies. Or, as I prefer to think of it, the anima and the animus.

One of our most important tasks on the path to Oneness is to unite the polarities of masculine/feminine, of me/you. Of course we may see “otherness” and appreciate differences in all their unique and manifold forms, but underneath we recognize Unity in Diversity, the Many in the One.


My path has been through that of “the artist.” After almost 2 years of doing a blog talk radio on the subject of art and ascension, I think I’m finally getting a grasp on what it’s about. Of course it’s about many things, but it helps to narrow the field for oneself, so that there can be a clearer and more precise focus. So, when I watched some clips of The Wedding last Friday, the song Love and Marriage came to mind, and I knew immediately I had to make a video substituting the words Art and Ascension for Love and Marriage.

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