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Healing FountainMonday, May 4th 2015 I was a guest on the Healing Fountain, Blogtalk Radio ~ LINK TO THE SHOW ~ It is now available in the archives.

The title of the show is Being Brooklyn Rainbow. I will be talking about what that means, as well my connection to rainbows and Rainbow Light Foundation. Also, what it means to be in alignment, and in alignment with your soul plan, and Art and Alignment. For more information, please go to my page Brooklyn Rainbow, where you will find more information as well as the links mentioned in the program.


RLF logo

Brooklyn Rainbow, pastel on paper 20x30, Nancy Wait 2015

Brooklyn Rainbow, pastel on paper 20×30, Nancy Wait 2015

April 2015

I joined Rainbow Light Foundation as a full member, with the title, Brooklyn Rainbow. See Profiles.




Prospect Park, winter, by Nancy Wait

Prospect Park, winter, by Nancy Wait



Winter 2015  I joined ~ The Sketchbook Project ~ and submitted my sketches of the winter season. The books will be going on tour, and will be available online by the summer of 2015.



Academy Logo January 2015, I began training at the Intermediate Level of the Quantum Light Programme.


The TBeginning January 20, 2015, I am offering an on-going writing workshop for those going through a transition. Whether it’s loss of a loved one or loss of a job or a way of life, or simply the loss of passing years, life happens to all of us. In this workshop we will use the tools of writing and/or drawing to tell our stories and find more insight. The kind that lightens our burden.

 T for Transition is an empowering workshop, non-critical, non-judgmental, focusing on the writing and sharing of personal stories that describe or illustrate whatever transition we are currently experiencing, or those we may have experienced in the past and wish to explore or understand more in depth. Experience not necessary, but willingness is. We write to know what we are thinking. We write to express the feelings we may not have been able to say out loud. We write to know who we are. We write because we want to share who we are. We write to help others who are feeling the way we do and may not be able to express it. We write to release the pain, to be more clear, and to be more present. The more we are conscious of our transitions, the more opportunity we have to transform our lives.

This initial workshop will be on-going from January 13th through March 31st, 2015, meeting weekly Tuesday evenings or Saturday afternoons. It is limited to four participants at a time, bookings in advance. The cost is $20 per 90-minute session. Individual sessions are available, including those via Skype, at a slightly higher rate. Email your questions or your interest, and I will send you a pdf with more information.

As facilitator I will provide optional weekly assignments, in-class writing prompts, and supportive discussions.

Nancy Wait, artist, author, writing coach and editor, MFA, Certified Practitioner in Energy Alignment, and Intermediate Student of Quantum Light Healing


Healing FountainOn Monday, July 14,2014 I will be a guest on The GR Healing Fountain, airing live at 5pm EDT; 10pm BST.  LINK

I hope you will join me!

My theme will be The X in Extra-Sensory. It’s not easy to define. Like the X-Files, or the X-Factor, the X in Extra-Sensory is a stand-in for what can’t be quantified or explained. But, we can feel it. And that’s the key. Because Everything emits a feeling.

I will be using some quotes and scenes from the movie Flashdance to illustrate my point. Such as this quote from Jennifer Beals’ character:

You walk out there, and the music starts, and you feel it. Your body just moves. There’s something inside of you that just clicks and you’re gone. It’s like you’re somebody else for a while.

And of course we’ll be listening to that great Irene Cara song — What A Feeling!

Each guest on the Healing Fountain has the opportunity to lead a meditation. I will using the Emerald Alignment I learned from Rainbow Light Foundation. You can find it on their site HERE.

♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦Academy of Spiritual Sciences Logo

Summer 2014 ~ I took the Foundation Level course in the Quantum Light Programme of The Academy of Spiritual Sciences, and was awarded a Practitioner’s Certificate in Energy Alignment in the Science of Healing. LINK

A practical self-help guide to the principles of healing and the connection between body, mind and spirit exploring the underlying factors, which create conflict and disharmony, resulting in disorder and dis-ease.

This was an excellent course (online with Skype tutorials for those of us who don’t happen to be in Yorkshire) during which I was able to learn more about the subtle energy bodies, and how to give the Emerald Alignment to others.

Pleiades BannerSpring 2014 ~ I created the Rainbow Light Forum ~ LINK ~ for my friends at Paranormal Matters Radio Show. It’s a fascinating and informative weekly program given by Rainbow Light Foundation in the UK, whose aim is:  

Freeing the mind from the prison of human perception
Exploring the science behind paranormal experience. Fascinating topics related to multi-dimensional fields of consciousness…
Explaining psychic phenomena, healing and spiritual awakening. Drawing upon a rich archive of direct psychic and angelic experience and paranormal investigation.

As well as listing all the shows as they come up, the Rainbow Light Forum is an opportunity to make comments and ask questions.  All are welcome! Please stop by ~ Here again is the LINK

♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦

Healing FountainIn June 2013 I was a guest on The Healing Fountain – Blog Talk Radio. You can listen to the archives HERE. (I come on 15 minutes into the show – but you’ll love the music they play in the beginning.) My topic was  WRITE THROUGH 4D ~ It was about using writing as a tool in clearing the Fourth Dimension (fourth density), the domain of imagination/thoughts/feelings/ and dreams. Confronting pain, clearing the shadow, clearing confusion, connecting inner and outer worlds, becoming more conscious, and reconnecting circuitry.

I think for most of us the outer world seems quite enough to deal with, without worrying about the inner world. But the thing is, everything originates from the inner world. The invisible, unseen world of hidden causes, shadows and imagination. This is why art, all the arts, are more valuable than ever, because they express who we are inside. And when we’re familiar with our inner being, we don’t have to “act out” in the physical world.

Through this tool of creative imagination we have an opportunity to explore and transform the shadow self in a perfectly harmless way. The shadow being that which is hidden and not dealt with. And if we use this tool in conjunction with others such as meditation and study, we have the opportunity to integrate the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, which will take us to the next level of wholeness, healing, and soul purpose.

As we’re becoming lighter and more aware that we’re living in a construct, a “reality” that is an illusion called 3D, we are also seeing that we don’t have to be controlled by it. Here’s a quote from

That which is now being translated in the media as a global crisis is, in fact, the deterioration of the material field. This deterioration is the darkness of the womb that gives birth to a new model of existence, a new paradigm. As circuitry is reconnected, the resurgence of divine life-force re-establishes our true identities beyond the psychosocial, chemical, electromagnetic and religious manipulation of consciousness. 

drawing by Nancy Wait: Mr. Woundid and Ms. Heeler

drawing by Nancy Wait: Mr. Woundid and Ms. Heeler

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013, on Blog Talk Radio 


I will be reading a radio play I wrote called Mr. Woundid and Ms. Heeler at the Starbucks Cafe, and offering a Free mini-ebook called Sacred Wound. (Now available for $.99)

Cover image, "Sacred Wound" by Nancy Wait

Cover image, “Sacred Wound” by Nancy Wait

I will also be reading a story Geo for George, about how the painting on the cover (Wounded Man) came about.

The show will be LIVE at 5pm EDT; 9pm GMT, and available afterwords in the archives.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Tuesday, February 12, 2013, I launched a new show on Blog Talk Radio called “Inspirational Storytellers” – with my fellow team members at InspirationalStorytellersLink

♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦ ♥ ♦

Magnify the LightThursday, December 20, 2012 ~ I was a guest on The Healing Fountain on Blog Talk Radio, a 90-minute show with music, a guided meditation, and always plenty of healing light and loving thoughts.

Available now in the archives LINK My topic was You’re Great – Now Magnify the Light! I also created a short ebook available on Amazon, (and the Kindle App) You’re Great – Now Magnify the Light! which is offered at $.99  LINK

In case you miss the links mentioned on the show, they are The Emerald Alignment –

And Inspirational Storytellers –


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