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A Writer’s Despair is an Artist’s Delight

The hand once thrown up in despair, is now ready to catch an idea, should it float through the air ~~~ Continue reading

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Womb of a Woom for Writing

Allow me to introduce another sort of www—no dot about it—this room is a womb for writing. It’s like a womb, obviously because of the creative factor. The incubation and gestation process. A work of love that grows page by page, not in darkness (though the lights are low, and at times a candle is lit), but privately, hidden from view and unseen by others, except maybe for the occasional excerpt, the sneak preview which might be likened to a sonogram. Continue reading

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The Self-P and the Self-E

(The Self-P is for Self-Portrait. Self-portraits were the first Selfies, pre-dating them by hundreds of years. Plus they took a lot longer.) Continue reading

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A Post-Shame Point of View

“The challenge is to write about shame from a post-shame point of view, to enter an ego-free zone, cleared of mirror-worship and whining, to walk out naked and speak intimately…” Continue reading

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Flowering Through the Mists of Time

I remembered the title as The Yellow Primrose, and forty years later, when I began writing about the past, I tried to find the book again. Continue reading

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From Prison to Prism

Prison and prism. For me these two images represent transformation of a dark passage into a lighted one, and summarizes the path I’ve been on. It feels right to share this at the beginning of a new year when a whole new phase is opening up for us. One that will bring more openness and light into the world. Continue reading

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Drop My Story? No…

I’m writing Act III now. “Act III is the Cosmic Mission.” I’m so glad I didn’t “drop my story.” It would have been like dropping the ball… I’m still running with that ball, polishing and doing revisions, to make it more enjoyable, for you, the reader ~ Continue reading

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