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A Writer’s Despair is an Artist’s Delight

The hand once thrown up in despair, is now ready to catch an idea, should it float through the air ~~~ Continue reading

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Womb of a Woom for Writing

Allow me to introduce another sort of www—no dot about it—this room is a womb for writing. It’s like a womb, obviously because of the creative factor. The incubation and gestation process. A work of love that grows page by page, not in darkness (though the lights are low, and at times a candle is lit), but privately, hidden from view and unseen by others, except maybe for the occasional excerpt, the sneak preview which might be likened to a sonogram. Continue reading

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The Self-P and the Self-E

(The Self-P is for Self-Portrait. Self-portraits were the first Selfies, pre-dating them by hundreds of years. Plus they took a lot longer.) Continue reading

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A Post-Shame Point of View

“The challenge is to write about shame from a post-shame point of view, to enter an ego-free zone, cleared of mirror-worship and whining, to walk out naked and speak intimately…” Continue reading

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Flowering Through the Mists of Time

I remembered the title as The Yellow Primrose, and forty years later, when I began writing about the past, I tried to find the book again. Continue reading

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From Prison to Prism

Prison and prism. For me these two images represent transformation of a dark passage into a lighted one, and summarizes the path I’ve been on. It feels right to share this at the beginning of a new year when a whole new phase is opening up for us. One that will bring more openness and light into the world. Continue reading

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Drop My Story? No…

I’m writing Act III now. “Act III is the Cosmic Mission.” I’m so glad I didn’t “drop my story.” It would have been like dropping the ball… I’m still running with that ball, polishing and doing revisions, to make it more enjoyable, for you, the reader ~ Continue reading

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Memoir For Me

Writing memoir, I have had to go into myself. So deeply into myself that I got out of myself, watching my life as I would a movie, without attachment to the drama, and seeing everything that unfolded as necessary to my growth and understanding.
Continue reading

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Love is Really ALL There is

Long ago I heard and read and was told that the opposite of Love is Fear, not hate. We cannot love when we are in fear.
One by one I unmasked my fears through the long and arduous process of writing a memoir. Continue reading

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My Podcast with Heart Rising

My Podcast with Heart Rising

Listen to my interview with the lovely Hannah Thomas of Heart Rising, dedicated to the evolution of the human heart.

The title is “The Alchemy of Memoir, How Writing Our Own Stories Set Us Free.” 

I discuss the importance of expression, of writing our stories, and read an excerpt from my memoir, The Nancy Who Drew: The Memoir That Solved A Mystery.

Continue reading

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