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Goldilocks and the Mobile Wallpaper

When I finally found the right wallpaper for my Blackberry Simple Mobile, Goldilocks came to mind. There are no bears in my story. But there is the question of bearing, and what feels right, and finding the happy medium, which … Continue reading

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Art and Ascension What’s That

An excess of emotion. Of feeling. From the heart. Through the heart of feeling. Onto the cross. Propelled upwards, above the horizontal line of the physical plane. Sometimes you think you’ll die unless you express it. And then something in … Continue reading

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Ring Me A Rainbow

Used to be I wanted the moon and the stars. Now I’m content to let them stay in the heavens, and gaze upon them from a distance. I’ve come down to earth. To all the colors I’ve always loved. For … Continue reading

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Back to the Beyond

As a visual artist I went into form. And then one day, I realized I had gone beyond the form. It’s one of those things that happens when you’re not looking. It’s like you look and you look and you … Continue reading

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Willingness to Shift

From Local Time into the Timeless Zone ‘Willingness to Shift’ is the title of my blog talk radio show today, (LINK) and these are the paintings I have chosen to illustrate the Shift. They are all watercolors. The first one … Continue reading

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Can You Imagine…

Can you imagine growing up, not only before social media inter-connectedness, but before there was even a smidgeon of the idea of Unity? Of Oneness? In many ways the 1950s was a great time to be a child. We truly … Continue reading

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