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The Art of Distilling

I was in Prague, “the Magical City,” or because it’s rare that I attend a live concert, I seemed to be hearing on another level, analyzing my enjoyment in a different way, having a different insight into what I was hearing through this filter of music. Continue reading

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My Country Estate Across the Street

I’ve always known Prospect Park was a public park, and while I’ve been grateful to live so close by, I have felt its limitations as well as my own limitations in not being able to walk somewhere different for a change. Just for a change… Then this strange thing happened last night…and I was the one who changed… Continue reading

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Love On Ice

When I draw the outer world—whatever the subject—I am taking that bit of it inside of me. It’s an intuitive process. I don’t think about it, it happens automatically. Whatever comes from my hand is an expression of my own energy, my own feeling. Continue reading

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Wounds of the Soul

Wounds of the Soul – the Body Remembers, is the title of a show on Blog Talk Radio by Paranormal Matters. LINK.  It aired live on July 14th but I wasn’t able to listen then because I was talking about the … Continue reading

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Visual Poetry

Who doesn’t love flowers — especially in spring after a long winter. Where I live I see them in front gardens or window boxes, tree beds, the green-grocers or the park, bursting with life, reminding us of color and simple pleasures. … Continue reading

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Art and the Equality of Seeing

Excerpt from a memoir-in-progress ~ first life-drawing classes at the Art Student’s League.  “The models were different every day. They came in all shapes and sizes but to us they were simply “nudes.” Most were young, though some were middle-aged, … Continue reading

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The Good Guys Are Winning

Oh, sure, the Bad Guys are still around, what else is new? But their days are numbered. There are just too many of us Good Guys who out-number them. It’s up to us what we want to focus on. Do … Continue reading

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