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A Writer’s Despair is an Artist’s Delight

The hand once thrown up in despair, is now ready to catch an idea, should it float through the air ~~~ Continue reading

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The Truth About Acting

What I learned as an actor should be shouted from the rooftops by every single one of us who has ever trod the boards – that along with the heartbreak that so often comes with a life in the theater, comes the knowledge that we all have in us the possibility of every human thought that has ever been considered. We don’t have to act on it, but we can act it. Play it. Because we know how to play. We know how to imagine “what if.” Continue reading

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The Thing Is To Draw…

Who the figure was doesn’t matter. She was, and is, Ma, Mary, Mater. Mamm and Ama, Muder and Moeder, Mati and Moer, Madre and Mai and Mama. And in Vietnamese, she is called Me. But what’s in a name… The thing is to draw. To paint. To feel. And to paint and draw what you feel. In the moment. Expressing what you cannot say in words… Continue reading

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My Country Estate Across the Street

I’ve always known Prospect Park was a public park, and while I’ve been grateful to live so close by, I have felt its limitations as well as my own limitations in not being able to walk somewhere different for a change. Just for a change… Then this strange thing happened last night…and I was the one who changed… Continue reading

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Art Streams

Form and color they stream
through me and through you Continue reading

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That Soothing Art

As you transform a blank canvas or blank sheet of paper into a viable picture (whatever that may be), you also transform your way of being in the world. Continue reading

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Feeling Through Drawing

I didn’t see much of anything until I drew the numbers by hand. With my own hand. Sensing the energy of the lines as I copied them, making them come alive in a whole new way. Drawing from life, the light traveling from eye to brain, down through the heart where it picks up the feeling, then out through the hand… I remember being thrilled when I read Stuart Wilde saying, Everything emits a feeling, and thinking, he knows! Continue reading

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Memoir For Me

Writing memoir, I have had to go into myself. So deeply into myself that I got out of myself, watching my life as I would a movie, without attachment to the drama, and seeing everything that unfolded as necessary to my growth and understanding.
Continue reading

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Bridging Heart and Mind

When I began the follow-up book to my first memoir, though I knew where I was taking it, I wasn’t really sure what the story was. But how can that be, you ask. It’s your story! It’s what you lived … Continue reading

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