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The Green-Wood Trolley

Ding-ding-ding goes the trolley… Except when it doesn’t. Because we did not want to wake anyone sleeping in the Green-Wood Cemetery. Cemetery is from the Greek word for “sleeping place.” This spring when I took the trolley tour we rolled … Continue reading

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Filtering the World

…each attempt to create an experience on canvas or paper, “is imagination reaching outward to filter the world.” Continue reading

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Letting It Come Through

I can now paint and draw small, sketchbook-size pictures of the world around me because now I see how focusing on the small particulars of the outer visible world, can also reflect a deeper insight to the world within. Continue reading

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The Cabin in the Clearing

Whenever I looked out the window I saw two scenes, the one from the present, and this other one, so obviously from the past. From Brooklyn as it once was. Continue reading

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Flowing Fences

I used to walk along looking at people and objects and things, noticing them, studying them, whereas now I am conscious of energy. Everything I see is an example of an energy flow. Continue reading

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My Country Estate Across the Street

I’ve always known Prospect Park was a public park, and while I’ve been grateful to live so close by, I have felt its limitations as well as my own limitations in not being able to walk somewhere different for a change. Just for a change… Then this strange thing happened last night…and I was the one who changed… Continue reading

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Street Scenes or Inner Life?

Once upon a time I fled the Upper East Side of Manhattan for what was then the wilds of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. My motive was a (very) cheap rent for lots of space in unfamiliar surroundings where I might recreate myself (again). My intention was to paint my inner life. Then, hankering for some outer life during my second year, I took to the streets to see what was there. Continue reading

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Visual Poetry

Who doesn’t love flowers — especially in spring after a long winter. Where I live I see them in front gardens or window boxes, tree beds, the green-grocers or the park, bursting with life, reminding us of color and simple pleasures. … Continue reading

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A Tree (Maybe?) Grows in Brooklyn Flower Box

Once upon a time I had beautiful flowers growing in my flower box, perennials they were, popping up eagerly every spring, similar to the photo on the left, but not hydrangeas, and not blue. After a while, a number of … Continue reading

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