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The Dark Light

Last night I dreamed about the Shadow. Continue reading

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En Pointe!

I have no conscious memory as a ballerina in a past life. But the dream of dancing en pointe showed me that I knew how to do it. Whether or not my physical brain remembered, there was a memory in my light body. Perhaps a cellular memory of another time, another place. Continue reading

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Only A Dream Away

When my mother died twenty-eight years ago I was living two blocks from the explosion on Thursday in the East Village. On Thursday afternoon, while fires raged and the first building collapsed, I was dreaming about my mother. I had been up since 4am, and had taken a nap. I dreamed I was on my way to visit my mother in Illinois, and when I stopped to change buses, I saw my mother selling tickets. She had long yellow hair. Continue reading

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Creative Imagination

Continuing “Bridging Worlds” on Blog Talk Radio (Feb. 21, 2012) LINK to Show Feb. 28, 2012) In the physical world of 3D if we want to get to another place we can jump. We can stretch. We can ride an … Continue reading

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