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When I Wasn’t A Writer

…they stood before the door and wondered what to do. Should they knock? What if somebody answered? What should they do then? Or maybe the door wasn’t locked… Should they try the doorknob? What if it opened? What should they do then? Continue reading

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Inner Sanctum

The doorway under water came to me in a dream back in 1976. There was no mistaking the meaning of the vision. It was a dream about ego-death, hitting bottom, and afterwards, being given entry to the inner world. The … Continue reading

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Creative Imagination

Continuing “Bridging Worlds” on Blog Talk Radio (Feb. 21, 2012) LINK to Show Feb. 28, 2012) In the physical world of 3D if we want to get to another place we can jump. We can stretch. We can ride an … Continue reading

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From Listeners to Readers?

I am scrounging around for listeners, hoping to convert them to readers. Listeners? That would be my blog talk radio show, Art and Ascension. Readers? That would be my memoir called The Nancy Who Drew,  published last summer. I read some excerpts … Continue reading

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Diary of a Painter

Interesting to go back and read my diary from all those years ago. Excerpts from “Diary of a Painter” (1984) “I see this woman, Nancy, who is passionately devoted to her work, her work of creating paintings from her heart, … Continue reading

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