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A Post-Shame Point of View

“The challenge is to write about shame from a post-shame point of view, to enter an ego-free zone, cleared of mirror-worship and whining, to walk out naked and speak intimately…” Continue reading

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Memoir For Me

Writing memoir, I have had to go into myself. So deeply into myself that I got out of myself, watching my life as I would a movie, without attachment to the drama, and seeing everything that unfolded as necessary to my growth and understanding.
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Memoir Writing is very Aquarian

Aquarius the water-bearer, pours the water back From a container into the free-flowing stream. Memoir writing is very Aquarian. Mēm-moi: water me; moi-mem: I water myself. How do you know—until you water yourself—if you can bear it? © Nancy Wait 2001 … Continue reading

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