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Coming Out From the Shadows

Old-world selfies, new-world interpretation: coming out from the shadows to see myself in the light. A tumultuous eight-year period I can still feel in the pit of my stomach. The one in the hat with a deadness in her eyes … Continue reading

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The Self-P and the Self-E

(The Self-P is for Self-Portrait. Self-portraits were the first Selfies, pre-dating them by hundreds of years. Plus they took a lot longer.) Continue reading

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Me and My Shadow (Self)

I call these pictures Me and My Shadow. One is a photo and the other is a self-portrait taking place around the same time. And they don’t even look like the same person. Continue reading

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Distilling Vision

Distilling Vision   My thumb rises through the thumb-hole Of a curved wooden palette A tray laid with colors Shaped like a kidney Doing kidney work Distilling vision. I lay my prayers on the kidney tray Placed before my body  … Continue reading

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