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Art and Alignment

Art, when we give ourselves over to it, has the power to bring us into alignment with our spirit or soul. It’s important to notice what music you feel drawn to, what pictures, and ask yourself why—not just because you like it—but why do you like it? There’s always a reason why, because our soul calls to us in different ways and on different levels. Continue reading

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Magnify the Light

My short ebook, You’re Great – Now Magnify the Light!  is available on Amazon (and Kindle app) Free from Friday, June 27th through July 1st.  LINK Here’s how it came about. On the eve of 12/21/2012 – (remember how we were all … Continue reading

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Tuning Into A Frequency

Tuning into a frequency, vibing on a thought-pattern, focusing, aligning, attracting, magnifying similarities. All of these come to mind when I think of the ease in which I’ve been gathering material for additional input on my topic for The Healing … Continue reading

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