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Prayer, 08.08 Portal

God, grant me the insight to realize that everything I see/read/hear online (and everywhere else for that matter) is the result of the particular frequency of the one posting. It’s a level of perception, nothing more, nothing less. A viewpoint, … Continue reading

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She Will Have Music

I pictured my fingers and toes ringing with the sound of patterned ironwork as if it was a kind of sheet music. Continue reading

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En Pointe!

I have no conscious memory as a ballerina in a past life. But the dream of dancing en pointe showed me that I knew how to do it. Whether or not my physical brain remembered, there was a memory in my light body. Perhaps a cellular memory of another time, another place. Continue reading

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One with the Weather

When I had a television I used to watch Chanel One’s “Weather On The Ones.” And now, on this last day of muggy New York weather, (we are promised it will be cooler and drier by the morning) I have … Continue reading

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Goldilocks and the Mobile Wallpaper

When I finally found the right wallpaper for my Blackberry Simple Mobile, Goldilocks came to mind. There are no bears in my story. But there is the question of bearing, and what feels right, and finding the happy medium, which … Continue reading

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Tuning Into A Frequency

Tuning into a frequency, vibing on a thought-pattern, focusing, aligning, attracting, magnifying similarities. All of these come to mind when I think of the ease in which I’ve been gathering material for additional input on my topic for The Healing … Continue reading

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Meaningful Encounters

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013, is the day for meaningful encounters on Blog Talk Radio with Inspirational Storytellers ~   LINK I will be reading a radio play with my cohost Gary Moore called Mr. Woundid and Ms. Heeler at the Starbucks … Continue reading

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Ring Me A Rainbow

Used to be I wanted the moon and the stars. Now I’m content to let them stay in the heavens, and gaze upon them from a distance. I’ve come down to earth. To all the colors I’ve always loved. For … Continue reading

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Days of Destiny

Days of Destiny. Red-letter days. Days that stand out in memory for the way they influence everything that came after. I looked a couple of mine up recently. I was amazed at how they corresponded to my Destiny numbers. The … Continue reading

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Drawing and Painting A Deeper Truth

by The Nancy Who Drew When I first began drawing from life, it was about expressing, showing, telling, what was before me. I was happy when the drawing of my ceramic coffee pot actually looked like my ceramic coffee pot. … Continue reading

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