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Through Art

I can’t save the world, but I can show the world how I saved myself. Through Art. Volume One of my memoir set the stage. The Nancy Who Drew       Volume Two, in progress, takes me across the … Continue reading

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Meaningful Encounters

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013, is the day for meaningful encounters on Blog Talk Radio with Inspirational Storytellers ~   LINK I will be reading a radio play with my cohost Gary Moore called Mr. Woundid and Ms. Heeler at the Starbucks … Continue reading

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Sparks Igniting One Another

At the beginning of my radio shows on Inspirational Storytellers I introduce the guest as a spark, setting up the idea right away that we are going to spark each other. The last few days I’ve been seeing how I … Continue reading

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Into and Out of the Swamp

Writing memoir has meant wading into the swamp of my past. As soon as I began to write, in the very early stages of my first memoir, I had a dream of wading into an actual swamp. And in this … Continue reading

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The Blessing in the Wound

Turning it Around ~ Finding the blessing in the wound it taking an experience and turning it around, turning it into something beautiful. And if not beautiful, then at least something useful. First comes acceptance. I don’t think healing can … Continue reading

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